Other Crafts

I admit, the soap and wax creations are my focus. But I also do a lot of other crafting, both for fun and profit.  One of my favorite Other Crafts is digital scrapbook designing.  I keep a blog for that here - and I sell my designs at MyMemories.  This is what digital scrapbooking looks like, for me anyway:
This page was made using my The Americans paper pack from MyMemories, and a few elements I made to match it.  
But wait, there's more!
I do a bunch of other stuff, too.  One of my favorite things to do is make little bags out of plastic canvas and yarn.  I know it seems a little weird.  I've written some blog posts about it over on my Rambling Zone, but here's a picture of my favorite little bag, to-date:
Once in a very great while I sell one of these bags, but for the most part, I make them for myself.  If I do ever put one up for sale, I'll post about it here.
Thanks for reading about my other hobbies!